Teaching Teens about Vehicle Maintenace

6 Items To Keep In Your Car’s Toolbox

06 November

Even if you don’t know how to make major repairs to your car you can still fix smaller problems if you have the right tools. The big thing to remember is that you won’t discover all of those problems when you’re at home in your driveway with access to all of your tools. That’s why […]

Three Things To Consider When Towing Your RV

18 October

Taking your RV on the road gives you a great chance to tour the country without having to find a hotel to stay in when you decide to stop. You can bring all of the amenities of home with you wherever you go. If you are considering an RV that can be towed using a […]

3 Possible Causes Of Rough Shifting And How To Fix Them

01 October

One of the more forgettable car problems is rough shifting, as many car owners are content to simply buckle up and endure the bumpy ride rather than getting a transmission repair. However, this mentality can be extremely damaging over time and can make your repairs even more expensive depending on the nature of the issue. […]

Three Steps For Quality Brake Service

15 September

Did you know that between 12 and 13 percent of auto wrecks are the result of machinery that failed? Few parts of your vehicle are as critical to your safety as the brakes. Because of this, you will need to follow some steps that will help you to keep your brakes in great condition and allow them […]

Cleaning and Repair Products That Can Damage Your RV’s Rubber Roof

24 August

The integrity of the roof on your RV is important in preventing such things as leaks and water damage to the interior, as well as maintaining the look of the body. A properly installed rubber roof can be expected to last for 20 years or more, but it needs to be inspected, repaired, and cleaned for it […]

How Do They Get In There? 5 Tricky But Useful Bits Of Car Detailing

07 August

Are you thinking about getting your car detailed or buying a car wash coupon for someone else as a gift? These sorts of services are actually very valuable, not only to improve the comfort and convenience of using a vehicle. Read on to see some of the best services that car detailing companies perform for […]

How To Decide Between Replacing And Repairing Your Bumper After A Fender Bender

23 July

Collisions are never fun, even when the accident is only a minor fender bender that leaves you with a dented or cracked bumper. Despite what your insurance company might say, the damage done to the bumper determines whether full replacement or basic repair is best. Find out what you kind of service to request at […]

How To Know Which F-150 Model To Buy

06 July

You’re ready to buy, but the new F-150 comes in 5 different models.The F-150 also has different packages and you can buy with the regular cab or extend the cab length for added cost.  What are the other differences, and how do you choose which one to buy? Cost of the 5 Models Price is […]

Planning To Repair Your Own Windshield? What You Need To Consider First

19 June

In the push to take on more at-home projects, some people are opting to fix their own windshields. Even though the materials to do simple repairs to the windshield are available in auto parts stores, there is a question of whether or not novices should be doing windshield repairs. If you are thinking of fixing […]

Is A Transmission Rebuild Worth The Effort?

04 June

When a transmission has loose bolts, rods, connectors or other important engineering damage, you may have the choice of getting a new, used or rebuilt transmission. Each option has a set of budget and car survivability benefits and consequences that need to be weighed against your life and wallet. Consider a few points for each […]